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Albisola give Ceramic Support to Tibet Pavilion – Padiglione Tibet – Venice 1 june – 7 september

01 giugno – 07 settembre 2013 – Venezia

Le Ruote della Preghiera” in Ceramica “Made in Albisola”
Una sezione del Progetto Padiglione Tibet

Albisola dà voce agli Artisti che difendono i Diritti dei Tibetani

Le Ruote della Preghiera, chiamate anche della legge: strumenti di preghiera buddista, esclusivamente tibetani, per la crescita spirituale. Strutture cilindriche – realizzate nei laboratori di Albisola, luogo d’eccellenza della Ceramica Artistica – che saranno elaborate/progettate dagli artisti e realizzate in ceramica con un perno centrale che ne permetterà la rotazione e con cui i visitatori interagiranno attraverso un’esperienza sensoriale che si trasmetterà con un lieve tocco ed uno sfioramento sulla materia-segno. All’interno di ogni ruota sarà arrotolato un mantra (preghiera buddista) che verrà scritto direttamente dai monaci invitati all’evento con i caratteri tipici della loro lingua; i tibetani fanno ruotare le ruote della preghiera (come faranno anche i visitatori della mostra) per invocare un buon karma per tutti gli esseri senzienti rendendo questa pratica più di un semplice movimento rotatorio.

Gli Artisti Lucio Afeltra, Paolo Carnevale, Stefano Cerioli, Gianni Marussi – Alessandra Finzi, Maria Savino, Ilaria Sperotto, Silvio Vigliaturo  sono stati ad Albisola per realizzare tali opere presso la Scuola Comunale di ceramica e la Bottega Ernan Design.

La struttura portante dei Cilindri è stata realizzata su disegno di Guido Garotti, ospite del Progetto del Gruppo Acca “albisola Artisti Cercasi 2012.

L’immagine in copertina del libretto è un opera di design “Deviazione”, sviluppata durante il progetto di Residenza del 2012 svoltosi ad Albisola.


Progetto Realizzato da:

Comitato Padiglione Tibet  su progetto di Ruggero Maggi

Gianluca Anselmo per Gruppo Acca – Albisola

Associazone Ceramisti delle Albisole


Ceramic Support for Tibet Pavilion

English – Press Release

After the exhibitions in Venice at Cà Zanardi in 2011 and at Sala Nervi – Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Turin in early 2012, coordinated in collaboration with Dossier Tibet, ISCOS and the patronage of Regional Council of Piemonte, and after the journalistic services for RAI Parlamento broadcasted on RAI 1 and RAI 2, also this year Venice, thanks to Tibet Pavilion – with of City of Venice patronage Assessorato alle Politiche Giovanili Centro Pace – is going to be peacefully invade with images, colours, atmosphere and sounds that will blend, as a precious twine, the contemporary artist’s creativity and sensibility. Artists support and contribute to built this particular pavilion by the art of Mandala’s composition which will be finished by monks by their wise, careful, accurate expertise during a ritual-event which will underline even more the intimate spirituality; un Archive of MANDALA – STRUCTURES sinergically realised by artists, whom will draw “guidelines”, and with innate Tibetan spirituality of WHEELS OF PRAYER, called also wheels of low: Buddhist prayer tools, exclusive Tibetan, for spiritual growth. They consist of a ceramic cylindrical structure, designed by artists and realized in Albisola’s laboratories, specific art ceramic place, with a central hinge which allows rotation so visitors can interact having a sensory experience touching the matter-sign.
Inside each wheel will be roll up a mantra (a Buddhist pray) written by monks invited at the event, with the typical Tibetan typeface of their language; Tibetans spin the wheel of prayer (as the visitors will do) to invoke a good karma for all the living beings, making this practice more than a simple turning movement.At the present day, where all kind of data are hyper-speed transferred from a part to an other of the world, the belief that prayers can be recite and spread to invoke divinities only with a simple, soft touch, an air blow, seems to be nearly childish; on the other side it is the indication of how the deep spiritual Tibetan reality is based on nature itself, in an incessant exchange with the universe. Roundness has always been synonym of movement, rhythm, flow, a concept present in every aspect of mankind history and developed by Tibetan’s culture through structures and constructions connected to their philosophy of life. Major worry for a Tibetan man is not what to do during a single day, but what to be in his entire life.
This great artistic event is dedicated to the 100 tibetan martyrs (tragically outdated number by now) who sacrifice themselves for other’s freedom, for everybody’s truth…
It is a unique theme combined with painting, sculpture, performance, video to create a distinct great art event that underlines the deep sense of spirituality of this people. I was moved by the idea of creating a sensible bridge that brings visitors to a major knowledge about this people, who can be unfortunately defined an ethnic minority and risks to lose his cultural and spiritual heritage, based on peace and no-violence ideas… an other reason to come to the Santa Marta’s Church.
Irene Accarini, Lucio Afeltra, Piergiorgio Baroldi, Luisa Bergamini, Carla Bertola – Alberto Vitacchio, Giorgio Biffi, Renzo Bortolussi, Nirvana Bussadori, Jorge Canale, Rosaspina B. Canosburi, Paolo Carnevale, Domenico Castaldi, Stefano Cerioli, Pino Chimenti, Giampietro Cudin – Carla Rigato, Flaminio Da Deppo, Marcello Diotallevi, Gillo Dorfles, Giglio Frigerio, Luciano G. Gerini, Carlos Gigena Seeber, Bruno Gorgone, Isa Gorini, Ursula Huber, Celeste Lazo, Franco Lippi, Oronzo Liuzzi – Roberto Scala, Beatriz Margossian, Fabrizio Martinelli – Giovanni Genshō Ponzoni, Gianni Marussi – Alessandra Finzi, Alessandro Novellino, Silvia Ovsejevich, Clara Paci, Lucia Paese, Marisa Pezzoli, Giorgio Piccaia – Matteo Piccaia, Siro Polazzetto, Benedetto Predazzi, Tiziana Priori – Simonetta Chierici, Monica Rizzi, Pietro Ronzat, Virginia Ryan, Maria Savino, Pino Secchi, Cesare – Leonardo – Lucio – Simone Serafino, Ilaria Sperotto, Francesco Stefanini, R. Steiner, Roberto Testori, Micaela Tornaghi, Silvio Vigliaturo, Andrea Vizzini, Marcela Zelikowicz.
Video Art : Marco Agostinelli, Ciriaca+Erre, Francesca Lolli, Ruggero Maggi, Marco Rizzo.
Statements: Gianluca Anselmo, Elisabetta Bacci, Boris Brollo, Lara Caccia, Claudio Cardelli, Mauro Carrera, Giorgia Cassini, Stefano Dallari, Giulia Fresca, Alexander Larrarte, Enzo Lo Scalzo, Ruggero Maggi, Mimma Pasqua, Cristina Romieri, Alberto Rovida, Massimo Scaringella, Giuliana Schiavone, Roberta Semeraro, Tiziana Tacconi, Claudio Tecchio, Trini Castelli, Piero Verni, Roberto Vidali, Emma Zanella.
1st June – 7th September 2013 – Opening day 1st June 2013 – 6 pm –
extraordinary opening  (22 June – 6 July – 7 September)
Info : –
Albisola short profile:
Albisola has been an unique place for the collaboration between Modern Art & Ceramic, here was written the Ceramic Futurism Manifest and Design had here his first steps with ceramic.Almost all modern culture figures passed through Albisola that was named “Free Republic of Arts” by F.T. Marinetti.Based on the historical production of common use stovels since 1700 the classical production of our artisan evolved in the most luxury table dinnerware and pottery nowadays as 300 Years ago.Produced completely from the clay with manual wheel and days of patient works of the decorators this beautiful luxury artcrafts are available worldwide directly from our laboratories.Albisola – Gruppo AccA Short profile and activities:Cultural Exchange &
Residence ProgramsThe “Gruppo Acca” Association is a little virtuosos fellows group that is in love with ceramic and want to propose it as sublime expressive language for the contemporary art . To reach our goals we project and realize cultural activities oriented to the territorial and cultural promotion of the “Ceramic’s Lands”.
Our most important activity is the organization of Residence  & Formative Projects, taking new and Young minds to apply with the unique ceramic’s expressive language.
Give out your Best!    “ in Ceramic ” – Annual Artist in Residence Program Project for Albisola to be a Cross-way for “contemporary People of Art”  – September 2013The 2013 Edition will be in September a group of Designer  thet under the guidance of Architect Giovanni De Lucchi will perform the task to transform and apply to new shapes the Traditional Style of Albisola Ceramics and realize with the Artisan of Albisola new objects for the market.
A group of Younf Filmakers directed by Emanuele Ruggero will follow step by step the young Designer that will develop their main project and other creative contests in collabortion with Curators, Artists, Expert of Design.
The video Material so obtained will be worked in the University Laboratories to be cutted and tailored to obtain a teaser of a new Docu/Reality television Format that will be proposed to Television Broadcaster.
This Event is realized in the Maiolica Festival thas is promoted by the Administations of Albisola Superiore, Albissola Marina, Savona and Genova.Training for Art ProfessionalsDuring the month of Sempember will be organized a special Workshop oriented to professional Creatives such as Designer and Artists that will introduce to theory and practical realization of piece of art and Design Projects that will be realized by the local ArtisanOur Technical Sponsor :Studio Ernan Design  –  AlbisolaOur Laboratory produce a wide line of creations from Historical Reproductions for Ceramics Collectors to modern pieces of Design.
An Interior Designer can find here the opportunity to realize his creations and propose with our partnership products for his market with “Albisola “ brand plus value.
We produce a wide Classic Pottery Range that is the most natural and healthy way to cook, with a precios decoration on the exterior, our line is completed by  our special edition pieces.
Luxury Hotels, Restaurants and Top Brand Companies is nowadays revaluating  ceramic as precious material for their accessories and corporate gifts, the extreme personalization possible for each piece manufactured give an opportunity to express your great attention toward to your customers.www.studioernan.itsupporto ceramica web

Progetto delle Strutture di Guido Garotti :

Venice 1 giu – 7 September
TGVeneto andare al minuto 15°


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